Vehicle Collision Care / Personal Injury

Dr. Allan Dabbs is a personal injury specialist. If you have had a motor vehicle collision within the last 12 months, are still experiencing ongoing problems, and have an open case, we can assist you in your goal to regain the helath you enjoyed prior to your accident.

With proper direction:

-We will work to improve your health to pre-accident status
-Assist you in managing the health aspects of your claim
-Provide legal documentation to assist you with your case

If you now have neck pain, backpain, headaches, and shoulder pain that you did not have before the accident that is “resisting” treatment, there are things you may need to consider as you move forward in your rehabilitation.

Contact Back & Body Chiropractic to help you gain important information to better understand your situation.

To schedule an appointment or for information about how you can benefit from chiropractic care, call: (501) 653-2225.